Localization: adaptation

What is a localization?

It´s the adaptation of your products and services to the needs and expectations of a certain audience.

In the global business environment, it is essential for your products and services to be launched successfully in different global regions. When entering the new markets or expanding into existing ones, it is important to take into account that an engaging message in Mexico might not be as engaging in Japan or the United States.

For your product, service or website to compete in the foreign market it is necessary to make use of location.

Localization is the art of translating and creating the text which is read as an original text and not a translation. That being said, the process of adaptation to the specific culture, region a, d language needs to be carried out. Babilon Language Coaching translates and adapts languages to the cultural, technical and business requisites for all your markets.
Some examples of the elements that are taken into account for the process of localization are:
  • Use of correct currency and local time format
  • Text direction
  • Conventions of local writing
  • Measurements and weights
  • Correct use of idiomatic variants
  • Use of commas and periods in figures
  • Colors and graphic content in accordance with the cultural norms
Babilon Language Coaching has years of experience and the best team of engineers, designers, translators and linguists to adapt all your documents, websites, software, marketing material, media, training material and e-Learning to the local market.

We translate and develop in all the languages of programming, applications, platforms and formats including HTML, XML, PHP, Java, JavaScript, FrameMaker (MIF), InDesign (INX), Interleaf and QuickSilver (IASCII), Ventura (TXT), PageMaker (TXT), QuarkXPress (QSC).

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