Localization: adaptation

What is a localization?

It´s the adaptation of your products and services to the needs and expectations of a certain audience.

In the global business environment, it is essential for your products and services to be launched successfully in different global regions. When entering the new markets or expanding into existing ones, it is important to take into account that an engaging message in Mexico might not be as engaging in Japan or the United States.

For your product, service or website to compete in the foreign market it is necessary to make use of location.

Localization is the art of translating and creating the text which is read as an original text and not a translation. That being said, the process of adaptation to the specific culture, region a, d language needs to be carried out. Babilon Language Coaching translates and adapts languages to the cultural, technical and business requisites for all your markets.
Some examples of the elements that are taken into account for the process of localization are:
  • Use of correct currency and local time format
  • Text direction
  • Conventions of local writing
  • Measurements and weights
  • Correct use of idiomatic variants
  • Use of commas and periods in figures
  • Colors and graphic content in accordance with the cultural norms
Babilon Language Coaching has years of experience and the best team of engineers, designers, translators and linguists to adapt all your documents, websites, software, marketing material, media, training material and e-Learning to the local market.

We translate and develop in all the languages of programming, applications, platforms and formats including HTML, XML, PHP, Java, JavaScript, FrameMaker (MIF), InDesign (INX), Interleaf and QuickSilver (IASCII), Ventura (TXT), PageMaker (TXT), QuarkXPress (QSC).

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Talented dubbing artists, native translators and specialists in production, Babilon Language Coaching has all of the necessary means to provide an exceptional service in this area.

We have native translators that are specialized in script writing. These translators produce a script adapted to the culture of its audience and with the appropriate linguistic nuances and tones. For the dubbing process, we work with an extensive international network of dubbing artists of various ages, dialects, accents, and tones of voices that would be ideal for your project.
At Babilon Language Coaching we know that there is nothing worse than a product with exceptional dubbing work but a weak translation or vice versa. For this reason, our teams work in sync to assure the highest quality product in the market.

Our experience in dubbing includes:

  • Videos and corporate presentations
  • Movies and documentaries
  • Television programs
  • Publicity
  • Interactive means
  • Animations
  • Didactic material

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Subtitle writing

At Babilon Language Coaching we are experts in the art of subtitle writing. Our multicultural team of scriptwriters and translators are completely native and have years of experience in the field.

We have a precise attention to linguistic connotations and text nuances and are equipped with the necessary talent to not only translate a text but also to transform it into the script adapted to surrounding measures. The result is guaranteed to be an absolutely authentic, clear, precise and fluent product.
We work with all formats of archives that the client may need, as well as all the types, specialties or technicalities.

The experience of Babilon Language Coaching includes:

  • Videos and corporate presentations
  • Movies and documentaries
  • Television programs
  • Publicity
  • Interactive means
Furthermore, our team of professionals can provide with edition of previously existing subtitles and subtitle writing in the same language. The latter is used for various purposes.
  • To learn a foreign language
  • For people with hearing disabilities
  • Karaoke

Our service of subtitle writing is fast, flexible and unsurpassable. We guarantee that.

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Transcription Babilon Language Coaching

Babilon Language Coaching provides a superior team of linguists as well as the technology needed to develop your transcriptions. These transcriptions are delivered with excellent quality and are guaranteed to meet all your specifications.

We work with projects of all sizes and formats in more than 50 languages to satisfy the needs of our clients in any sector or matter.

Babilon Language Coaching can guarantee you fast delivery of an accurate and precise project at a price that our competitors have not been able to beat.

We offer transcriptions of:
  • Webinars
  • Podcast
  • Business meetings
  • Videos
  • Focus groups
  • Interviews
  • Juridical processes
  • Jury declarations
  • Seminars
  • Teleconferences and much more.

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Multilingual voice-over

Multilingual voice-over

Babilon Language Coaching provides a team of professional native speakers in more than 50 languages.

You are guaranteed professional voice-over artists of your choice who work in our recording studios to achieve the perfect voice-over service in order to meet your specifications.

Our projects leaders and their teams of speakers are completely bilingual and work together to assure that everything is pronounced and interpreted correctly in accordance with the language and the cultural contexts. The project that we submit complies with the accents, diction and the adequate tone.

We deliver the perfect voice-over in any audio format that the client may require.

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Babilon Language Coaching offers you the service of text proofreading for documents such as letters of motivation, thesis, brochures, journal articles, reports, researches and more.

Our linguists not only thoroughly revise the orthography, punctuation, and grammar but also carry out style correction. They analyze the content of the text as well as uniformity and the tone.

If there is a text that has been previously translated by another agency, we compare it with the original document to assure the legibility, correct use of necessary terminology, and we adapt it to the market or the audience that the client may require.

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Translation prices

In Babilon Language Coaching we deliver your projects translated with high quality and at unbeatable prices.

For every document we undertake, we take into account the following factors to determine the total price for your project:
  • Language combination 
  • Number of words
  • Delivery date (whether it is an urgent or a regular translation)
  • Area of speciality
  • Special requirements
In order to offer the most competitive prices in the market, Babilon Language Coaching includes the following services for every project without any additional cost:
  • Project management
  • Glossary creation and memory of translation for every client
  • Teams of translators specialized in different sectors and native speakers of the language in question
  • Groups of advisors, experts, graphic designers and software development engineers
  • Delivery of a project in its original format

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Process of translation

Process of translation

Babilon Language Coaching implements a flow of efficient and flexible work that allows us to meet the demands of our clients. This allows us to deliver high quality products and to adapt to various terms of delivery.

1. Analysis and quote. 

For every client we assign a Project Leader who deals with managing every step of the process for that translation. He/she works closely with the client to identify his/her needs and specific requisites, analyzes the text, the format, the combination of languages, the costs and the requested date for the finalized product. The quote is handed in the day it is requested for.

2. Project management.

The Project Leader assigns work teams based on the specialized areas and experience of every member.

3. Translation.

The native translators and certificated experts carry out the process of text translation, as well as the glossary creation and memories to assure the uniformity and precision of the terminology.

4. Editing and design.

A team of graphic designers and software engineers deal with maintaining and developing the translation project in its original format.

5. Editing.

An external linguist from the team of translators reviews the final text to assure that it is fluent, comprehensible, precise and uniform. He/she verifies that it is written as if it were the original language.

6. Delivery.

The final product is delivered to the client in the terms established in the beginning and then feedback is requested.

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Technical translations

Industry and technology translations are complex due to the fact that any mistake could put a person’s life at risk or result in other serious consequences.

This is why Babilon Language Coaching has a team of translators specialized in the areas of technical and engineering; it’s not only important to translate but to have comprehensive knowledge of the right terminology so that mistakes can be avoided.

 We offer these technical translations

  • Operations manual
  • Safety manuals
  • Instructive booklets
  • Installation manuals
  • Training documents
  • Catalogues
  • Specifications
  • Websites
  • Software
  • User manuals

Our commitment is to deliver professional, high-quality technical translations, most similar to the original, we deliver a true copy of your original document in the requested language.
Our translators are foreign professionals, certified with knowledge in specialized language and experience in all kinds of subjects.

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Court-Certified Translations

Certain documents must be certified in order to have legal validity when they are translated. This is when you need Court-Certified Translations.

Usually, these documents are requested for use abroad.
Translators must apply precise terminology while using the right syntax and structure so the style of the final text is aligned precisely with the target country’s judicial system.

These documents are turned in signed and sealed by translators certified by the Mexican Court of Justice.

  • Birth certificates
  • Marriage certificates
  • Death certificates
  • Apostille
  • Sworn statements
  • Residence and work permits
  • Proof of studies
  • Wills and trusts
  • Academic records and diplomas
  • Divorce rulings
  • Visas

Babilon Language Coaching provides  you expert translation services in more than 50 languages including:

German, Arabic, Chinese Mandarin, Czech, Korean, Slovak, French, Greek, Hebrew, Dutch, English, Italian, Japanese, Latin, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Swedish, Turkish, Ukrainian

Babilon Language Coaching offers an efficient, accurate and quality service. We communicate your ideas and concepts from one language to another, we do the editing of images, graphs, tables and diagrams as part of our translation service.


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