Talented dubbing artists, native translators and specialists in production, Babilon Language Coaching has all of the necessary means to provide an exceptional service in this area.

We have native translators that are specialized in script writing. These translators produce a script adapted to the culture of its audience and with the appropriate linguistic nuances and tones. For the dubbing process, we work with an extensive international network of dubbing artists of various ages, dialects, accents, and tones of voices that would be ideal for your project.
At Babilon Language Coaching we know that there is nothing worse than a product with exceptional dubbing work but a weak translation or vice versa. For this reason, our teams work in sync to assure the highest quality product in the market.

Our experience in dubbing includes:

  • Videos and corporate presentations
  • Movies and documentaries
  • Television programs
  • Publicity
  • Interactive means
  • Animations
  • Didactic material

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