Subtitle writing

At Babilon Language Coaching we are experts in the art of subtitle writing. Our multicultural team of scriptwriters and translators are completely native and have years of experience in the field.

We have a precise attention to linguistic connotations and text nuances and are equipped with the necessary talent to not only translate a text but also to transform it into the script adapted to surrounding measures. The result is guaranteed to be an absolutely authentic, clear, precise and fluent product.
We work with all formats of archives that the client may need, as well as all the types, specialties or technicalities.

The experience of Babilon Language Coaching includes:

  • Videos and corporate presentations
  • Movies and documentaries
  • Television programs
  • Publicity
  • Interactive means
Furthermore, our team of professionals can provide with edition of previously existing subtitles and subtitle writing in the same language. The latter is used for various purposes.
  • To learn a foreign language
  • For people with hearing disabilities
  • Karaoke

Our service of subtitle writing is fast, flexible and unsurpassable. We guarantee that.

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