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Success in an interpretation

The success of an interpretation depends upon the communication between Babilon Language Coaching and the client.


Before the interpretation

Sharing information.

Just as every speaker prepares in advance for their conference or presentation, an interpreter must be prepared as well so that all information and necessary details are accounted for. The interpreters from Babilon Language Coaching are specialized and professionals; however, the success of the event will be increased if the interpreter is provided the material that the speaker will use beforehand. This way the interpreter can familiarize themselves with the topic.
In order to guarantee the tranquility and trust with the client, all interpreters work under a strict Confidentially Agreement and Ethics Code.

Calculating time.

The client must also keep in mind the type of interpretation that will be required and calculate the time for event accordingly. If they opt for a consecutive interpretation, the time of the conference may be doubled.

During the interpretation

Speaking clear and slow.

This is a fundamental aspect so that the interpreter can translate the message in a full and precise manner. Speaking too fast and unclearly may result in the loss of important information for the audience.

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