Babilon Language Coaching traducciones – translations

Process of translation

Babilon Language Coaching implements a flow of efficient and flexible work that allows us to meet the demands of our clients. This allows us to deliver high quality products and to adapt to various terms of delivery.

1. Analysis and quote. 

For every client we assign a Project Leader who deals with managing every step of the process for that translation. He/she works closely with the client to identify his/her needs and specific requisites, analyzes the text, the format, the combination of languages, the costs and the requested date for the finalized product. The quote is handed in the day it is requested for.

2. Project management.

The Project Leader assigns work teams based on the specialized areas and experience of every member.

3. Translation.

The native translators and certificated experts carry out the process of text translation, as well as the glossary creation and memories to assure the uniformity and precision of the terminology.

4. Editing and design.

A team of graphic designers and software engineers deal with maintaining and developing the translation project in its original format.

5. Editing.

An external linguist from the team of translators reviews the final text to assure that it is fluent, comprehensible, precise and uniform. He/she verifies that it is written as if it were the original language.

6. Delivery.

The final product is delivered to the client in the terms established in the beginning and then feedback is requested.

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