About us

Babilon Language Coaching is a leading agency in translation which was born in the heart of the City of Queretaro, Mexico ten years ago. We are an international team of translators with design, law, marketing, engineering, business, sciences and literature backgrounds. 

Our experience and excellent service has allowed us to do thousands of translations for clients all over the world. We work very closely with our clients to design and implement a meticulous and personalized project management which exceeds expectations as well as offers the best quality on the market.

At Babilon Language Coaching we offer integrated solutions. Each translation project includes an array of services like the creation of client specific glossaries, document design, document editing, rigorous proof reading, research and monitoring. We guarantee the documents fidelity, both in content as well as in design, such as to hand in a final product which is identical to the original. 

We look to form a long term bond with our clients  and be part of their expansion process both on a national as well as  on an international level; we seek to work together to break down language barriers  and make communication possible between individuals from different countries and regions.  


Development of language teaching, interpretation, translation and consulting solutions in accordance with the client’s needs by means of cutting edge methodology and efficient solutions for their requirements while always striving for their total satisfaction.

Our Values at Babilon Language Coaching

Corporate Social Responsibility.

We recognize the need to integrate our values and business operations in order to satisfy the expectations of our clients, associates, employees, providers and the community in general. At Babilon, we strive to go beyond the minimum legal requirements, thus creating an environment of sustainability.
All of our practices are based on social and ethical responsibility. Babilon’s Policies are committed to promoting sustainability throughout the entire company. Our objective is to reduce the environmental impact of our activities, and to help our clients, associates, employees and collaborators do the same.
At Babilon, we manage ourselves according to the highest standards of equality, honesty and integrity, with ethical integrity being our greatest strength.

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