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  • Babilon Language Coaching works seven days a week with the best translators and project leaders to provide integral services of urgent translation with exceptional quality in more than 50 languages, some of them are: German, Arabic, Chinese Mandarin, Czech, Korean,

  • Industry and technology translations are complex due to the fact that any mistake could put a person’s life at risk or result in other serious consequences. This is why Babilon Language Coaching has a team of translators specialized in the areas

  • Certain documents must be certified in order to have legal validity when they are translated. This is when you need Court-Certified Translations. Usually, these documents are requested for use abroad.Translators must apply precise terminology while using the right syntax and

  • The advertising and marketing translations go hand in hand with the creative process in order to transmit the message and tone of the text in another language. It’s not about translating words; instead, it’s about communicating with the audience effectively.Our team

  • Why choose medical and scientific translations? A translation with mistakes can lead to a malpractice suit or even affect or put at risk the life of a patient.This is why our team of translators has expertise and experience in the

  • When is a literary translation needed? To adequately capture a literary text, not only is precision important but so are the author’s tone, the message, and the text’s structure. This being said, it is crucial to have in-depth knowledge of the

  • When do you require specialized translations in laws? The translation of legal documents is extremely important, therefore there cannot be a lack of precision nor mistakes due to the fact that standards, rules, and concepts are inflexible and can differ

  • Thanks to globalization and the ever-growing networks of international markets, the translation of information for the financial sector has become common. For a company to expand on a global level, to introduce new products in foreign markets or establish relationships

  • Specialized translations are those that require very specific terminology and that are translated for several different sectors. Babilon Language Coaching’s services include translations of documents for the health, manufacturing, telecommunications, financial, business and legal sectors among others. We understand the

  • What are regular translations? They are those that do not need a specific terminology or style. We carry out regular translations of the following documents Corporate Presentations Correspondence Reports Articles Resume Letters of recommendation, etc. We offer an efficient, accurate

    Babilon Language Coaching

    provides you with an efficient, accurate and high-quality translation service

    We communicate your ideas and concepts from one language to another, we do the editing of images, graphs, tables, and diagrams as part of our translation service.

    Our commitment is to deliver a professional work of quality, most similar to the original, we deliver a faithful copy of your original document in the requested language. Our translators are foreign professionals, or with certifications, they have knowledge in specialized language and also have experience in all kinds of subjects.

    Urgent Translation

    with exceptional quality in more than 50 languages.

    Babilon Language Coaching works seven days a week with the best translators and project leaders to provide integral services of urgent translation.

    With the additional help of glossaries, memories of translations and specialized software, we speed-up and improve our processes so that you obtain your urgent translation.

    Process of translation

    Babilon Language Coaching implements a flow of efficient and flexible work that allows us to meet the demands of our clients. This allows us to deliver high quality products and to adapt to various terms of delivery


    Analysis and quote

    We assign a Project Leader who deals with managing every step of the process for that translation. He/she works closely with the client to identify his/her needs and specific requisites. The quote is handed in the day it is requested for.


    Project management

    The Project Leader assigns work teams based on the specialized areas and experience of every member.



    The native translators and certificated experts carry out the process of text translation, as well as the glossary creation and memories to assure the uniformity and precision of the terminology.



    A team of graphic designers and software engineers deal with maintaining and developing the translation project in its original format.



    An external linguist from the team of translators reviews the final text to assure that it is fluent, comprehensible, precise and uniform. He/she verifies that it is written as if it were the original language.



    The final product is delivered to the client in the terms established in the beginning and then feedback is requested.

    Your projects translated

    with high quality and at unbeatable prices.

    For every document we undertake, we take into account the following factors to determine the total price for your project:

    • Language combination
    • Number of words
    • Delivery date (whether it is an urgent or a regular translation)
    • Area of speciality
    • Special requirements

    In order to offer the most competitive prices in the market, Babilon Language Coaching includes the following services for every project without any additional cost:

    • Project management
    • Glossary creation and memory of translation for every client
    • Teams of translators specialized in different sectors and native speakers of the language in question
    • Groups of advisors, experts, graphic designers and software development engineers
    • Delivery of a project in its original format
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